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2722 The Strand – Manhattan Beach from our parent company Cinematic Promotions.


Panoramic city view with time lapse and night footage from RealEstateDigitalMedia on Vimeo.


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We are Real Estate Digital Media
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Real Estate Digital Media is a filmmaking collective
creating full-motion residential, commercial and corporate
real estate videos crafted to our clients’ specific wants and needs.

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Why present a boring set of still photos when a video conveys so much more? It’s all about movement, and video allows you an unprecedented sense of space, size and flow that still photos simply can’t.

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Savvy real estate agents employ videos on their social media, websites and YouTube Channels to maximize their search engine optimization and sign more clients. And video links are easy to send via email or text.

Plus, our videos play any device: desktops, laptops, tablets and Smartphones! Best of all – video is evergreen! You only pay for it once and you use it as often as you want!

We also offer corporate video services, retail business videos, architectural videos and much more – let us know how we can best serve YOUR video needs.

Video Helps You:
Increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Stand Out from the Competition
Save Money on Print Ads

How We Help You:
We’re Professional Filmmakers
We Offer Prices for ALL Budgets
We Make You Look Great


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Real Estate is Ready for its Close-Up. Are you?

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