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The 3 Main Reasons No One Saw Your Video

• If no one has viewed your video, you probably aren’t doing enough to promote it
• Embed your video on your website’s homepage
• Share it on all your social media


Q and AWhy hasn’t anyone viewed my video?

We get asked this question almost as much as ‘how much does a video cost?’



Does the following scenario sound familiar?

You hired professional videographers; they shot a listing video or business video or corporate video, and you were happy with the results. You then uploaded it to your YouTube channel and waited for the calls and clients to come rolling in.

Nothing happened.

You continually check the video to see the number of views and, hardly anyone has seen it. But, while you are wondering ‘why’, here is the question that needs answering:

What did YOU do with it once you got the finished version?

If the only thing you did was to upload it to YouTube, the money you spent for your video was wasted. Just like everything else having to do with the internet, you must be proactive in getting the word out.

Here are the three main reasons why no one has viewed your video and 11 ways to improve it:

1) It’s hidden on your website. If it’s not on your home page, at least initially, why? Why did you pay money only to hide itsocial media icons from view?

2) You didn’t promote it on your social media – is there a link to your video on all your social media networks?

3) You didn’t blast it to everyone on your email list

You need to let the world know you have a video. Don’t keep it a secret.

the world

Here is a list of ideas from our blog “How to Use Your Real Estate Video” but it applies to any business or corporate video:

1: Embed it on the home page of your website

2: Create a Landing Page and have your video there

3: Blog about it. Blogging and video will supercharge your SEO.

4: Email it to your database

5: Text a link to it to people you know prefer to communicate via text

6: Upload it to YouTube. Be sure to add a description using your business’ search terms and tags.

7: Post it to Facebook and upload it to your Facebook Business Page. These are two different things.

8: Tweet a link to it; do this several times over the course of a few days.

9: LinkedIn – you can add a video to your Profile page as well as share a link to the video.

10: Google Plus – it’s Google and Google likes video!

11: Instagram – But, since Instagram only supports videos that are 15 secs or less, ask your videographer for a 15-second cut. And then do everything on this list with the 15-second version of it, too

12: Pinterest – Yes, you can Pin a video

13: Rinse and Repeat

And then be patient. Results take time.

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