Ask the Videographer

Ask the Videographer

crew 1We shoot real estate video tours in Los Angeles. Our background is filmmaking. To us a real estate video is 30 frames per second and not a series of still photos put together in a slide show. Our website is Real Estate Digital Media.

What do we Mean when we say Video?

We are filmmakers. To us a true video is full-motion not slide shows, not still photos that are zoomed in and out or panned left and right. We shoot a full-motion artistic style video of your listing with music composed for it by our composer.

If what you are viewing has still photos in it, you are not watching a true video. Here is an example of a full-motion video that we shot.

As you are looking for your videographer, keep in mind that there are different styles of shooting and you should know in advance which one you are getting. Before you hire anyone who claims to be a real estate videographer look at their website and view their work.  Do they shoot true full-motion videos or is it a still photo slide show?  If what you want is a true video and what you see are still photos, maybe you should keep looking.

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