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How to Dress to be On-Camera

How to Dress to be On-Camera Key Takeaways: Consider who will be the viewer of the video when selecting your on-camera wardrobe Look professional for your profession Dress appropriately   Dressing to be filmed requires some thought. For example, if you are going to be appearing in front of a green-screen do not wear green […]

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Corporate Video Starter Guide

Corporate Video Starter Guide Key Takeways: 60% of website visitors will watch a video first Determine the goal and purpose of your video before you call the videographers Be realistic about what it will cost   You want to harness the power of video marketing for your business, but you don’t know how to get […]

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9 Reasons How Using Video Can Get You More Business!

9 Reasons How Using Video Can Get You More Business! Regardless of what you do or the size of your business, it can benefit from video!  Takeaways: • People are visual learners with short attention spans • Video is much more effective than print ads • Video supercharges your SEO   According to a recent […]

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5 quick and easy tips for taking Smartphone videos

Smartphone videos As videographers we think that every real estate video ever shot should be done by professionals like us! However, we also realize that it not really practical. So, if you insist on doing DIYing your real estate videos on a smartphone here are 5 really easy to use tips for you: 1) Avoid […]

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Why you Need to Hire a Full Service Video Production Company

Hiring a full-service video production company is crucial when you are having a video marketing piece created for your business or organization. Don’t just hire the cheapest videographer you can find as it is important to work with skilled professionals. The video company you hire not only needs to have the technical skills and equipment, […]

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