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Real Estate Video Starter Guide

Real Estate Video Starter Guide You want to harness the power of video marketing for your real estate business, but you don’t know how to get started. Here is a step-by- step real estate video starter guide. Key takeaways: Have a specific goal for your video Realize that video is not still photography and will […]

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The Best Marketing Tool for Business

The Best Marketing Tool for Business! What if I told you there is a business and corporate marketing tool 61% of businesses currently use? Would you be surprised to learn that use of this tool is up substantially over 2015? How would you feel if I told you that by using this tool it is […]

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The 3 Main Reasons No One Saw Your Video – Ask the Videographer

The 3 Main Reasons No One Saw Your Video Takeaways: • If no one has viewed your video, you probably aren’t doing enough to promote it • Embed your video on your website’s homepage • Share it on all your social media   Why hasn’t anyone viewed my video? We get asked this question almost […]

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5 quick and easy tips for taking Smartphone videos

Smartphone videos As videographers we think that every real estate video ever shot should be done by professionals like us! However, we also realize that it not really practical. So, if you insist on doing DIYing your real estate videos on a smartphone here are 5 really easy to use tips for you: 1) Avoid […]

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Drones for Real Estate: 6 Important Considerations – Ask the Videographer!

Real estate video drones are becoming increasingly popular as Realtors see the benefit in them by helping them stand apart from their competitors who do not use drones. The same holds true for video; video for real estate is also becoming more widely used as Realtors discover how it can help them get found online. […]

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What are Production Values – Ask the Videographer!

Within the past week I’ve viewed a listing video and watched a Periscope broadcast from a listing; both had terrible production values and there was no reason for it. What are Production Values? In a nutshell, it is seeing or hearing something that should not be there. Can you see the boom mic at the […]

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