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The Best Marketing Tool for Business

The Best Marketing Tool for Business! What if I told you there is a business and corporate marketing tool 61% of businesses currently use? Would you be surprised to learn that use of this tool is up substantially over 2015? How would you feel if I told you that by using this tool it is […]

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Corporate Video Starter Guide

Corporate Video Starter Guide Key Takeways: 60% of website visitors will watch a video first Determine the goal and purpose of your video before you call the videographers Be realistic about what it will cost   You want to harness the power of video marketing for your business, but you don’t know how to get […]

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4 ideas for your end of the year marketing!   As real estate videographers, we never stop our marketing efforts. We know that real estate goes on the market all the time so we continue to let Realtors know we are here and available to film their listings on 48 hours notice. What about your […]

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5 quick and easy tips for taking Smartphone videos

Smartphone videos As videographers we think that every real estate video ever shot should be done by professionals like us! However, we also realize that it not really practical. So, if you insist on doing DIYing your real estate videos on a smartphone here are 5 really easy to use tips for you: 1) Avoid […]

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How to Use Your Video – (Part 2 of 2)

You’ve just been emailed the link to the video of your listing. Now what? The reason agents who use video aren’t getting their desired results is because they are not using it properly. This is the second of a 2-part blog on How to Use Real Estate Video to Get the Results you Want. Click here […]

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We specialize in Real Estate Videos. How about you?

What do you do? Since our target audience is Realtors® and real estate professionals, most of you are probably saying ‘I’m a Realtor®’ or ‘I sell houses’ or ‘I’m a buyer’s agent’. But, this is very broad. Who is your exact target client? When you spend money on your advertising and marketing materials, who are they geared […]

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The Importance of the Realtor Introduction Video – Ask the Videographer

When most people hear the words ‘real estate video’ they generally think of a property listing video. But, did you know, this is only one of many uses for video in real estate? One of the most important, yet under-utilized, type of real estate video is the Realtor Introduction Video. This is a short, usually under […]

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February’s Social Media Goal: Real Estate Websites!

January’s tip was to register your name as a domain name. Now that you have, hopefully, done that, it time to take your domain name and get your real estate website built. Although you can spend thousands on this, it’s not really necessary. All you really need for starters is something simple, perhaps just a […]

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Real Estate Community Videos – Ask the Videographer!

You’re thinking about using video as part of your marketing and you have lots of questions. This is a weekly feature to help answer your real estate video questions. Our website is Americans are on the move. According to USA Today, “In 2012, “domestic migration” was as high as it’s been in the past […]

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