Corporate Video Production


Corporate video production.

Real Estate Digital Media has been doing more and more corporate video production.

The primary use for any video, corporate or
otherwise, is communication.

According to Wikipedia, corporate video production is generally considered to be a video commissioned for use by a company, corporation or organization.conference-room

Here at Real Estate Digital Media, as full-service real estate, business, and corporate videographers, we live, eat, sleep and breathe video. A corporate video is one of the best ways to tell the story of your brand; we are passionate about sharing the story of your brand with your world.

When a website has video, 60% of its visitors will watch the video before they read any text; we can help you with your video. A well-produced video will grab, and keep, the attention of your viewers. Most people would rather watch a 90-second video than look at a still photo with 2-3 paragraphs of text

Why have a corporate video? When you need to get a specific message out about your company in a fast, efficient manner that will achieve your goals there is nothing better than a video.

People are visual learners and, in today’s media saturated world, there is more competition for your message. We create videos that will get your message to its target audience. It’s all about your corporation and your message.

Corporate videos can be used for:

  • New corporate offices and headquarters
  • Public relations
  • Interviews of your CEO and other top Board members
  • Corporate culture videos (what is it about your corporate that makes it unique). These are mini commercials about your corporate brand and can include a ‘day in the life’ video about your corporation
  • Recruitment videos (why work for your company?)
  • Corporate event videos –  from a special event, perhaps corporation participation in the community, maybe lunch at a Board Meeting or even the annual convention
  • Collateral for your sales/marketing and Public Relations depts
  • Training videos
  • Video Testimonials
  • Product launches
  • Webisodes for the corporate YouTube channel

to name but a few.  If it is filmable we can film it for you.

Because our background is in film making, our videos have a more cinematic look to them than do most; we shoot all our videos in HD for the best possible look. Contact us for a free quote.

We will be glad to personally meet with you to learn your video goals.  All the fancy equipment in the world is meaningless if we don’t produce a video to fit your needs.

Real Estate Digital Media – corporate video production that works for your corporation!

The time to start is now!
Stop losing business to your competitors who are using video.

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