Don’t Be Afraid to Have a Real Estate Video!

Don’t Be Afraid to Have a Real Estate Video!

fearful manThere is a reluctance on the part of many Realtors® to use video.

The reasons range from thinking that their business would not benefit from video, to it is too expensive, or they have no idea about content or they don’t know how to use it.

These really are excuses for F.E.A.R. “False Evidence Appearing Real” this is because they are either relying on out of date or mis-information.

Here are 4 reasons not to be afraid to use video for your real estate business.

But, before we proceed, let’s start this week’s business video blog with 2 statistics from Cisco:
1) Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2017.
2) By 2016, 2/3rds of the worlds mobile data traffic will be video

In other words, video is exploding!

Let’s talk about these reasons:

1) My real estate business will not benefit from a video.
A. See above Cisco stats.
B. Do you have clients? Do you want more clients? Then you can benefit from a video even if it just a short video about what you do, the areas you sell or even video testimonials for your website and social media. Written testimonials are last century; get your happy clients in front of the camera and let them talk you up!

If you are a Broker and you need to recruit new agents, have a video shot to show what is like to work at your office, instead of a competitor’s.
2) Video, I can’t afford a video!
A. See above Cisco stats.
B. Just as changes in a lot of technology has brought the cost down on everyday items like flat-screen TVs, personal computers, changes in video technology have also brought down the costs of video production. Ask us for a price. We will be happy to meet with you at your offices, or listings to give you a no obligation price quote

In real estate image is everything. In real estate competition can be brutal. You need to use video before your competition does. And they might already be using video. Video is everywhere. The time is now.
3) Video!? A video of what? I don’t have any listings.

This seems to be a big reason as to why most Realtors are not using video: they don’t have any listings and really don’t know how else to use a real estate video.

Real estate videos are so much more than listings.  And this is where we come in. We’ve been doing this long enough to be able to give you some great suggestions and ideas for the content of your video. We will meet with you/your team, talk to you, and see your offices/listing. We will ask you questions all with the goal of gleaning your wants and needs for your video.

There are at least 5 main types of real estate videos:
1- Listings (with or without drone footage)
2- Agent introduction videos
3- Area/community videos
4- How-to videos
5- Client testimonials

4) What would I/my business do with a video?

Drive business, drive new clients to your website. Use your video on your Facebook business page and your other social media. Get noticed. Stand out from your competition that does not use video.
About us:
We are videographers based in Los Angeles. We started out creating residential real estate videos, expanded into commercial real estate videos and have expanded again and we now offer corporate video services, construction videos, retail business videos and more including video drones.

When you hire Real Estate Digital Media, you’re not getting discount Craigslist videographers or yesterday’s film school grads, but a seasoned team of working professionals with more than 50 years’ combined experience in writing, producing, directing, and editing feature films, television, documentaries, corporate, retail and music videos.

That means we don’t just “show up.” We strive for perfection in everything we shoot. Whether it’s a simple client testimonial or a full-on corporate real estate video, our goal is to produce a product that not only exceeds your expectations but assures your ultimate satisfaction.

Our website is

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