Drones for Real Estate


Drones for real estate – important considerations!

Real estate video drones are becoming increasingly popular as Realtors see the benefit in them by helping them stand apart from their competitors who do not use drones.  But, keep in mind, established real estate video companies, like us, already have relations with reliable, experienced and insured drone companies.

Here are 6 important considerations when using a video drone:

1) Insurance:  Is the drone operator insured?  Do they have liability or aviation insurance in case of an accident? If the drone crashes and causes damage assume that you will be named in any lawsuit that is filed.

2) Experience: How many years of experience in drone operation do they have?  It is crucial that they have the experienced needed to operate the drone in a safe manner.

3) Examples: Do they have examples of the work on their website?  Do they have a website?  Does the company you’re thinking of hiring have a website or YouTube channel or Vimeo account so you can see their stuff?

4) Crew: Is the drone operator and the drone cameraman one and the same? It is better if there are 2 persons involved:  the operator will generally be too busy flying the drone, making sure it does not hit telephone lines, for example, to be able to concentrate on getting the best shots.

5) Contract: Do they use a contract or some type of written agreement? We use one for every job we are hired for.
If not, how do you know what you are getting for your money? What exactly is being filmed? Are you getting the raw footage or will the drone company do some editing for you? What if the drone propellers are visible in the footage you get; do you have any options?

6) Costs: Drone shoots, by experienced, licensed, insured video drone operators can run into the thousands of dollars. Before you spend the money, ask yourself why you want to have a drone film your listing? Will the listing really benefit from it or, as is too often the case, is the drone just the shiny new object?




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