How to Dress to be On-Camera

How to Dress to be On-Camera

corporate video los angelesKey Takeaways:

  • Consider who will be the viewer of the video when selecting your on-camera wardrobe

  • Look professional for your profession

  • Dress appropriately


Dressing to be filmed requires some thought.

For example, if you are going to be appearing in front of a green-screen do not wear green as the only thing the camera will pick up will be your head and hands. Do a YouTube search for “green screen fails”; some of them are quite funny.

We film a lot of interviews, testimonials, and videos where someone is on-camera. With a little pre-planning, everyone looks good. Follow these tips on how to dress to be on-camera to look your best.

Dress appropriately.
Who is the target audience of the video? Choose clothing that fits the requirements of the shoot. It can be just that simple.

Are we shooting a corporate video?
Are you the male CEO of a bank? Or a male lawyer? People have an expectation of how a banker or a lawyer should look. We would recommend a conservative suit and tie.

Are you a medical doctor? Male or female, a white lab coat is what your viewers expect to see.  It is important for you to look professional for your profession whatever it may be.

Are we shooting a real estate video?
Will the real estate agent be on-camera or is it a lifestyle video with actors and models showing what it’s like to live in the house?real estate video
Each one will most likely dress differently.

Look presentable.
If you are spending the money to have a professionally shot interview, at the very least, you want to look presentable. (That said, you can dress to be on-camera any way you want; it’s your video)

On-camera Appearance Tips:
corporate videoIn general, we recommend you dress as if you were going someplace just slightly special. Men – do you have a shirt with a collar? It will look better than a t-shirt. How about a pair of pants other than jeans? Black jeans are fine. You do not need to wear a jacket. Women; a nice blouse and a pair of slacks will work.


Don’t wear clothing with tight patterns. Checks, hounds-tooth, animal prints or pinstripes cause an optical illusion that looks bad on video. Busy is bad – Don’t wear clothing with bold patterns or geometric shapes. The viewers will watch your clothes instead of you.

Colors to Avoid:
Avoid wearing black, white, bright oranges, yellows, and reds. These colors can cause problems on video. As mentioned above, do not wear green if you are being ‘green-screened’.

For dress shirts, avoid bright white if possible.  Solid-color shirts are best: blue, beige, off-white, etc. If you wear a bright white shirt or blouse, make sure to wear a darker jacket over it.

Solid pastel colors work best for women. If you have a pastel outfit that draws compliments when you wear it that is most likely the outfit you should wear.

How to Look Slimmer On-Camera:
Wear V-Neck clothing. Most people have a few of these styles in their closets. They can be blouses, shirts, sweaters, and jackets. If you have a choice between a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket, go with the single.

If you are wearing a tie, bring several options to the shoot. Avoid complex patterns, thin lines, or bright reds and oranges.

Jewelry and accessories:
Avoid anything that glints, shines, or reflects. As a general rule don’t wear flashy jewelry, dangling earrings, charm bracelets, or even necklaces that may make noise when you move.

Light reflections or flashes become a distraction in the picture and noises made by jewelry will be picked up by the microphone creating a distraction in the audio. You want the viewer to pay attention to what you are saying, not to your accessories.

Wear them if you need them to see or if that is how people will recognize you. If your lenses are very shiny, our crew may adjust their position to avoid unwanted reflections.

Makeup and Hair:
We assume most women wear makeup and you should for your shoot. Bring your makeup kit for touch-ups during the shoot.
We carry translucent powder with us which is designed to reduce skin shine and perspiration. We use this on both men and women.

Women should avoid vivid red lipstick or shiny lip gloss; stick to softer tones and dab lips with a little powder. If our make-up artist is available, we will have her stop by when we are first getting started.

If you color your hair, and your roots are showing, see your stylist ahead of time to get your hair looking its best.

You may be wearing a microphone:
Be aware that a lavaliere or lapel microphone, unless it is wireless, it will be attached to your clothing. Keep that in mind when choosing your outfit.

In summary:
Consider your target audience, the reason you will be on-camera and then dress appropriately. If you have any questions, just ask your videographer for some suggestions.

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