How Much Does a Video Cost? Ask the Videographer

How much does it cost for a video? Q and AAsk the videographer!




♦  Video is not still photography
♦  Video is all about movement
♦  Video production is more complicated than photography

The other night I received a call from an agent who wanted to know our prices for a listing video.

When I told him, his response was ‘that’s way more than I was expecting’ and something about a photographer being cheaper. I managed to get him to tell me what he wanted to pay before he hung up:

$250. For a video.

I was so stunned by this I was rendered speechless. He then hung up without me saying another word.

Had he not hung up, I would have told him that ‘video is NOT still photography.’

Video is entirely different. Not only does video production require a different skill set from photography, it requires more equipment and much more post-production.

Still photos are just that, still, staid, motionless. No movement.

Video is the opposite; video is movement at 24 frames per second.

The movement can be smooth; sometimes it is jerky, intentional or otherwise. The movement can be super slow, it can be hyperlaspe fast. With movement there are ever-changing angles, ever changing light and shadow. Cinematographers and videographers always have to be thinking ahead, what’s coming up.

Another component to video is sound. Are we recording sound, for example, is someone on-camera speaking? Will there be a music overlay? What will the source be? Are there sounds or noises in the way like barking dogs, noisy air-conditioners, gardeners with leaf blowers, sirens to name but a few things we have encountered.

Once we were shooting a listing video where the agent would open the front door and welcome the viewer to the home.  It seemed that every time we started to record her, the workers at the house next door being flipped, started to jackhammer. No still photographer ever had to deal with that.

editing 3And then there is editing . . . where the raw video is transformed into the final cut. We usually shoot a lot of footage; multiple shots of the same thing. Why? We want to be sure we get the best possible footage.

There is a reason there is an Academy Award given out for editing. Editing is a skill. It takes a long time to become a good editor.


Here is what Rich Media Design had to say about editing:

“What are the typical tasks that Video Editors Do?
• Evaluate and select scenes in terms of the story line that improves the value or story continuity.

• Edit raw footage and review assembled videotape on screen or monitor to make any color corrections, or other video quality corrections.

• Trims or crops video segments to specified edits and reassembles segments in sequence that presents the story with maximum effect and within the final project’s parameters. For example, a video editor might be asked to review 15 hours of video to make a half-hour infomercial.
(In our case, we usually have a few hours of footage that we need cut down to under two minutes).

• Use professional digital editing software and equipment, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut Pro, to insert music, narration and dialogue and sound effects to a video.

• Add any sound effects needed from video sound libraries or websites.

• Add any royalty free music from music sound libraries or websites.

• Adds any title graphics, banner graphics, watermarks to video project as needed.

• Creates or adds intros or out-tros to video as needed or requested by client.”

All of this takes time.  Time is money. There are three important words in filming: Good. Fast. Cheap. You only get two of the three for any project. For example, you want it good, you want it fast; it won’t be cheap.  You want it fast, you want it cheap; it won’t be good.

And so, to answer the question, how much does it cost for  video? My answer is this: what are we shooting?

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