Real Estate Video Prices

What is the cost for a real estate video in L.A.?” real estate videographers L. A.

We hear this question a lot.

We have a price for just about every listing. Our prices are based on what we are shooting NOT the list price. We shoot videos with or without drone footage. It’s up to you if you want the additional expense of a drone video.

We will always work with you to address your specific needs and we will do our best to keep your costs as low as possible. We will always provide you with a written contract in advance of any shooting. We are professionals and business needs to be transacted in a business-like manner. 

Our Services Include:


  • HD listing video
  • Length 2-3 minutes
  • Daylight/twilight/night shooting
  • Drone videography
  • 5 stills pulled from the video
    (note, these will not be HDR photos. If desired, our photographer can shoot and edit HDR but,
    an additional cost is required)
  • 2 person camera crew
  • On-location production manager
  • All filming equipment


  • All editing – with royalty-free, licensed music.
  • Agent-branded and MLS compliant versions
  • 15-second Instagram version
  • Transfer of original MP4 file via electronic file transfer service

Social Media:

Promotion of the video via:

  • All our social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • We will upload the video to our YouTube and Vimeo channels and to our Facebook page
  •  Plus, assistance, if needed, uploading the video to your social media and  YouTube
Property Photos:
We work with a skilled, professional still photographer; he can handle all your still photo needs.
 About us:
We are experienced filmmakers with a business license and with Production Liability insurance. We need 48 hours notice to film and your finished video will be ready in 3 days.




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