Why Use Video


Why Use Video?

Videos sell you and your business, not a specific listing or job.
Video content drives traffic
Video content drives Google’s search engine
Video content dramatically increases conversion rates.

Potential future clients search for businesses on Google long before they contact you. Who will they find first: you, or your competition?

Still photo slide shows and virtual tours are outdated relics of the 1990’s. It’s all about today’s technology, and you don’t want to get left behind! Full-motion video tours are the future of real estate marketing.

Here are 4 great reasons you should already be using video:

1) The Competitive Advantage
Nearly 100% of all real estate inquiries start online. You’ll gain a huge advantage over the other agents who don’t use video!

2) Maximum Exposure
Today’s savvy sellers want maximum exposure to the largest pool of buyers imaginable (this is especially true of multi-million dollar estates). Videos set you apart from the rest of the crowd, and sellers appreciate the extra value added to your already excellent service.

3) Supercharge Your SEO
Yes, there are other search engines, but let’s face it: if you can’t be found via Google search, you may as well not exist!

4) Shared Listings and Referrals
Videos make it easier to share your listings. Because video is such an incredible branding tool, they set you miles apart from your competitors and help you get those all-important referrals!

Real Estate Digital Media is your real estate video resource! Get yourself and your listings noticed NOW!

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